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Moonbow at Cumberland Falls, Ky

Rainbows aren't the only "bows" in the sky. When the moonlight refracts in raindrops and causes a pale colored bow, the results are moonbows. An example of this phenomenon is the mist emitted from Kentucky's biggest waterfall, Cumberland Falls, a water fall near Corbin , during a full moon on a clear night. A moonbow can be seen at no other falls in the Western Hemisphere.

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Yahoo Falls, KY

Yahoo Falls

Tallest Waterfall in Ky {113 ft.}


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One of the Top 10 Waterfalls in the United States.

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More Detailed History about Cumberland Falls...

Long known to Native American's around the southeast region of the United States as "the Great Falls"and Shawnee Falls , Cumberland Falls received its first foreign visitors in February of 1780. Zachary Green, and his party which included his brother, discovered it during a fishing/hunting expedition.{1} At the time of the first explorers / longhunters , there were no settled groups living in Kentucky.It was land where groups from the north and the south used for hunting. From the 1860s to 1931, Cumberland Falls and the surrounding land were privately held. The water fall on the Cumberland River {previously known as the "Shawnee River"} in Kentucky falls 68 feet and is 125 feet wide, depending on the water flow. Cumberland Falls is the largest waterfall in Kentucky and the largest south of Niagara Falls.

History about Cumberland Falls Kiwanis Trail

Map To the Waterfalls in Kentucky

Eagle Falls, Ky

Eagle Falls, Ky

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Eagle Falls, located about 1000 yards below the larger waterfall and can be accessed by Eagle Falls Trail{#9} on the McCreary Co. side of the Cumberland River, across Gatliff Bridge. It's about a scenic mile and a half hike on Trail #9. The Moonbow Trail{#1}, part of Sheltowee Trace Trail, is on the Whitley County side and is about 10 miles long connecting with other hiking trails along the way. Both trails are a part of the Sheltowee Trace National Trail. The Sheltowee Trace National Recreational Trail is a 269 mile trail that meanders the length of the 700,000 acres of the Daniel Boone National Forest once known as the Cumberland National Forest.

Sheltowee is Shawnee for name 'Big Turtle'. Sheltowee was the name that was given to Daniel Boone, who was adopted by the Shawnee tribe as the son of the Indian chief Blackfish in 1778.

Cumberland Falls, Eagle Falls and the highest water fall in Kentucky, Yahoo Falls, {Ywahoo Falls}, the tallest waterfall in Kentucky, Moonbows were special to the Shawnees and Cherokees, and they regarded Cumberland Falls as a sacred place.

"The Great Cherokee/Shawnee Moonbow at Cumberland Falls"


Moonbow Trail Trek

Cumberland Falls Visitor Center

The museum contains Native American artifacts as well as exhibits of area plants, animals and history.

Cumberland Falls State Park hosts an annual Native American Weekend featuring dances, music, storytelling and education.

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Amos Falls and Dog Slaughter Falls{accessible by the Moonbow Trail } along with many other waterfalls are located in the Daniel Boone National Forest near the Falls.

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Map of Kentucky's Waterfalls

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Angela Falls

between Cumberland Falls and Eagle Falls

Straight across the Cumberland River from Lover's Leap Overlook



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