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11/6/19 - 3 second exposure at 6:00 pm (dusk)



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10 second exposure on the lower level on 11/10/19 


How To Photograph the Moonbow with a Phone

It is now possible to capture a moonbow photo with a phone. To do this, the phone's camera must have Night Mode capability and that can be found on an iPhone 11. Night mode is an automatic setting which takes advantage of the new wide-angle camera that's in the iPhone 11 models. It's equipped with a larger sensor that is able to let in more light, allowing for brighter photos when the light is low.

The Night mode icon at the top of the display turns yellow when the feature is active. Depending on how dark the scene is, your iPhone might take a Night mode photo quickly, or it might extend the shutter time for several seconds. A number appears next to the Night mode icon to indicate how long the shot will take. This one was adjusted to 10 seconds, which can be done by tapping the yellow Night mode icon. You will get a dial on the screen, giving you the option of increasing your exposure. You still need a tripod.




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The photo above was made on 11/6/2019...six days before the Full Moon





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