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Cumberland Falls from the McCreary County Side


My Grandmother

This started out, in September of 2002, as a video for my Grandmother, who had lived all of her life in and around the city of Corbin 18 miles away and never seeing a moonbow. She was busy raising their 8 kids and other children, and the two youngest on her own. I have lived in Corbin for nearly 30 years and also, never saw a moonbow. It's a shame to have something so unique, so close. Sometimes we take things that are close to us for granted and assume they will always be there.

Granny, Granddad and Aunt Dean enjoying a day at the Falls. They used to spend a lot of time at the beach. My Grandfather was an avid fisherman. He did a lot of fishing in this area. Click on Aunt Dean to see the days haul.

First Moonbow Photo Attempt

On my first attempt in December of 2002, I met a photographer from Bowling Green, KY who visits the park twice a year. He was very friendly and he could tell I didn't know what I was doing. His first piece of advice was to bring a hat. After I asked him why, a gentleman walk up in front of the cameras and took a flash shot. It lit up the whole gorge. That's when the photographer said that is why and he went off to take another shot. He said to watch for other photographers who walk up in FRONT of you to take flash photos. If you think that is about to happen, take off your hat and shield the front / side of your lens. If the shot is behind your camera, your shot should be all right, if your viewfinder has a cover or it closes automatically. He said,"They'll just have to learn the hard way that you can't take flash photos of the moonbow." I've heard other photographers complain about the flash and flashlights, but like Bob said, "it's their park too". It's dark and you can't get around very well without one.

These two photos are part of my first attempt of the moonbow. I guessed the time. That was the other tip my trainer from Bowling Green gave me. Bring a watch. I think the first one is a 400 Mississippi.

{Scroll /Click on the moonbow picture below}

These photos were taken on December 19, 2002 at 10:30 PM a day after the full moon. I took a lot of photos from the lower level, but they were out of focus. Tonight's lesson: Read the camera manual, learn/play/practice with the camera settings and bring a watch. A hat and flashlight are helpful, too.

Don't forget to bring a flashlight!

{And please be courteous to the photographers by not shining the light directly at their cameras}

If you accidentally do, it's no biggie...It's your park, too...and they can shoot another one

Things to bring to a Moonbow

I posted the photographs after my Granny checked them out. The moonbow panorama on the About the Moonbow
page was her idea. If you have a popup blocker and missed it...

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Cumberland Falls Moonbow