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7351 Highway 90

Corbin, KY 40701-8857

Phone: (606) 528-4121

Toll Free 800-325-0063


Travel Distances from DuPont Lodge

Corbin 18 miles

Whitley City 15 miles

Somerset 35 miles

Williamsburg 18 miles

Stearns 18 miles

Campground II and Grocery 3/4 mile

Square Dance Pavilion 1/8 mile

Pool 1/8 mile

Cumberland Falls 1/2 mile

Yahoo Falls Trailhead 19 miles

Natural Arch Trailhead 15 miles

Grove Recreation Area 16 miles

Blue Heron 28 miles

Three Forks of Beaver 21 miles

Dog Slaughter Trailhead 7.5 miles

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Driving Directions. to the Falls Lodge

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View of the Cumberland River from the DuPont Terrace

Cumberland Falls State Resort Park

Gatliff Bridge

Kiwanis Trail


This area was a favorite vacation location in Ky. for Thomas Coleman DuPont , a Kentucky native and U.S. Senator from Delaware. Disturbed by plans to build a hydroelectric dam at the site, in 1930, the DuPont family purchased and donated 600 acres surrounding the Falls to Kentucky, urging the Commonwealth to set aside the property as a state park . Despite duPont's passing, additional land was purchased.

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Franklin Delano Roosevelt

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In 1931, the state legislature designated the property as Kentucky's third state park. Much of the early work at the park, including construction of the Cumberland Falls lodge, named DuPont Lodge} and cabins for guests, were undertaken during the Great Depression by Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) and Works Progress Administration (WPA) employees.  Click on the FDR photos for more information
















Dupont Lodge 

Cumberland Falls State Resort Park in Kentucky is where the duPont Lodge is located. Situated about 1/2 of a mile{by road} from Cumberland Falls, lodge has a trail{scenic shortcut Trail #3} from the parking lot, down to the Falls. While observing the moonbow is the park's best-known activity, there are plenty of other things to do. The 1,650 acre Kentucky resort park features more than 20 miles of scenic hiking trails, wildlife, great fishing, birding, rafting, playground, horseback rides in season, Olympic size swimming pool, picnic areas {with tables, grills, a playground and a picnic shelter} and a full schedule of planned recreation. The park's historic DuPont Lodge offers modern accommodation rooms. The park also maintains cottages and a seasonally operated campground.{ The campground is open from April through October.} As with all 17 Kentucky resort parks, great food is available in the lodge dining room "the Riverview Restaurant." The Bob Blair Museum is located in the Lodge and features artifacts. Don't forget to visit the Gift Shop and Visitor Center.

Info from Kentucky State Parks



Granny dining at the fine DuPont Lodge.  

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Uncle Walt, Granny, and sister Reiko enjoying the nice day

Cousin Cecil, Aunt Pat and Uncle Clint on the patio.

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Uncle Amos and wife Tina getting some sun. 


 The above picture and the photos of Granny's daughters by Patti MacK


 duPont Lodge 

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Moonbow Trail Trek

Call 1-800 325-0063 or 606 528-4121 for more information

Special Events at the Falls and Dupont Lodge, Ky

Stargazers are invited to the Falls 

Astronomy at Cumberland Falls


Upcoming Events at Cumberland Falls State Resort Park

Native American Weekend in March

Cumberland Falls State Resort Park features a Native American Weekend in March featuring dances, music, storytelling and education.

Overnight Canoe Adventures in April, May and October

Nature Photography Weekend in April

Birding and Wildlife Weekend in May

Kentucky Hills Craft Festival in September

Cumberland Valley Cruise-In

Moonbow Trail Trek in October

For more information and current events at Cumberland Falls, please visit their website or Click on the Facebook Icon below for current events.






Ky State Parks

The Kentucky State Park System is composed of 52 state parks plus an interstate park shared with Virginia. The Department of Parks, an agency of the Commerce Cabinet, operates 17 resort parks with lodges -- more than any other state!

 The nations's finest!

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