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 Cumberland Falls

State Resort Park

7351 Highway 90

Corbin, KY 40701-8857

Phone: (606) 528-4121

Toll Free 800-325-0063






Photo by Chris Stockard



Cumberland Falls State Resort Park,


Joe Mounce Park Manager



This is one of many Kentucky major attractions.

 Location: Cumberland Falls is located in the Daniel Boone National Forest in Southeastern Kentucky with the falls bordering Whitley and McCreary Counties. The State Park is located on KY 90 from U.S. 25W near Corbin and Williamsburg, and from U.S. 27 near Whitley City and Somerset. Cumberland Falls State Park is on the Cumberland River. The outstanding natural feature is Cumberland Falls, known for its famous moonbow.


Along with the moonbows seen on and around Full Moon nights, rainbows can be seen on most sunny days.

Photo by Aunt Noemi


All photos shot at 1 second exposure except the one below 

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Sunbow Photo by Aaron Moralez


While observing the moonbow is the park's best-known activity, there are plenty of other things to do.

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The Kentucky State Park System is composed of 52 state parks plus an interstate park shared with Virginia.

The Department of Parks, an agency of the Commerce Cabinet, operates 17 resort parks with lodges -- more than any other state! 








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