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Kentucky's Highest Waterfall

Yahoo Falls is located in the Daniel Boone National Forest, near the Big South Fork National Park.

Kentucky's tallest waterfall is one of over 25 waterfalls in McCreary County, in Southeast KY.

Turn off of US 27 at the Shell station at Marshes Siding off Hwy. 700. Cross the railroad tracks and drive about 3 miles. Look for a sign on the right. Drive a couple of miles and you'll see the shelter, restrooms and parking lot.


There is a 1.5 mile loop (.pdf) {depending on which trail you use} that goes over and around or the quarter of a mile hike down to the falls. The water supply for Yahoo Falls is Yahoo Creek from Lake Cumberland and then it empties into Cumberland River which can be seen on the upper trail. This McCreary County waterfall surrounded by Daniel Boone National Forest, in the Big South Fork of the Cumberland River National Park is the tallest waterfall in Kentucky. Yahoo Falls, {Ywahoo Falls}, Cumberland Falls, and Eagle Falls in Kentucky, were regarded as sacred by Native Americans.

The Great Cherokee Children Massacre at Ywahoo Falls

The Children of Moonbow Falls






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